Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Promoting Mobile Apps: Things to Do!

Promoting an App is as important as developing it because successful promotion means increased number of users and hence a better rating App in the App market. App promotion after mobile application development is a necessary yet essential phase of this business and it somehow measure that how much you are going to earn through your App. So let’s take a walk through the points which will make this process an easy and successful one.

 ·         Marketing and Advertising

This is an era of innovative marketing and spicy advertising. You can use your creativity and can hire a firm or professional to do that. Sell your app on through TV or by posting Advertisement on different websites or mobile sites. Just keep in mind if its creative and colorful human mind is definitely going to get attracted towards it.

·         Perfect SEO and ASO

SEO stands for search engine optimization and ASO for app store optimization. Hire a professional to do it as it should be accurate to comfort the user’s effort of searching your App on web as well as mobile App market.

·         Use social networking sites to share your App

It’s a good option to share your App via these sites. Your App after proper mobile application development can reach variety of user like your friends and their friends and more. Keep it simple but informative, it should not look like another spam.

·         Keep rating process wheeling

Ask your users to rate your android and iPhone app development from time to time. Ask for their suggestions also it will keep engaging your existing users for longer period of time and will add more users to your list.

·         Through E-Mails

Keep a record of E-mail addresses of your users and send them promotional E-mails. It helps in publicizing your App. Make it short and sweet as no one likes long ones, as it can grow more fan following.

·         Make informative content and wrap it nicely

While undergoing iPhone app development, try to make it informative, correct, communicating and worthy. While selling it don’t forget to highlight the core knowledge you want to share with the users. 

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Monday, 14 April 2014

Mobile Apps Helping The Education Industry More Than Ever!

This is an era of 0s and 1s! In past few decades the word- information, has changed its address from heavy books in huge libraries to the little gadget called Smartphone. Apps are the most in trend tool for education these days. A few clicks and you are good to go whether it’s your assignment, your project or you just want to learn something. Education system has evolved from paper, pen and books to click and download. Thousands of educational apps are present in app market and are ready to get downloaded; these apps are helping wide categories of students in infinite waysDescription: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif.

Mobile apps are encyclopedia of knowledge, but in an interactive way. The mobile apps development is helping not only students but teachers and parents also in the field of education, as education is not just about students this system also include teachers and parents. It doesn't matter whether you are a toddler or you are pursuing you masters, there are n numbers of apps present in the app market these days. These android and iPhone Apps development have helped the education industry more than ever; they have transformed it and made it more interactive and creative. There are apps which can make your pre schooler sing and dance while learning basics, there are so many gaming apps present which help the students learn while playing the game, these apps have made studying so much fun and interesting. Apps are not only about clicking and reading they are about innovation, ideas and creativity and that’s how they have earned their value, popularity and success. It doesn't matter whether you want to learn about history, geography, mathematics or literature; if you have the right app its right there on your Smartphone screen 24X7. Mobile apps development is helping students in connecting and sharing their innovations and ideas with each other. Student’s can also reach experts with the help of these Apps. iPhone apps development can provide a clear perspective to the mind of a student of what he wants to do and how he can do it, they help this evolving breed of new teens to decide and focus. With the help of these apps user can get regular update about what is happening latest in this industry and subject of his choice, these apps are bridging the gaps between teachers and students , school and parents and hence knowledge and mankind.

I want to point out that evolution happens when big changes come into play and in the education industry it has already happened and still growing with the help of these mobile apps as these apps are reaching out for the users of this industry at every nick and corner of the world and helping them more than ever.