Tuesday, 30 September 2014

iPhone6 Review Round-Up: What The Experts Are Saying

With each new launch of iPhone, Apple is famous for inducing an “up” in technology and “wow” in design. This time iPhone 6 is packed with surprising features which has made sensation among different mobile user community and critics. So let’s see what experts are saying about this phone.

As expected it has better touch ID which means improved fingerprint recognition. Now users are able to perform more functions like authentication of payments along with near field communication (NFC) and third party Apps authentication etc.


The iPhone 6 flaunts large display screen of 4.7 Inches, which is comfortable to use and looks graceful. On the other hand the iPhone 6 plus has even a bigger screen size of 5.5 inches which some time makes it difficult to reach out at every corner of the phone with one hand. The new “Reachability” feature is introduced in both the variants to minimize this problem.

This time Apple has introduced IPS display by leaving behind the traditional LCD Screens. IPS display is capable of producing more precise colors and superior viewing angles. This has made the display more clear and accurate.

Both the variants of iPhone 6 show off same camera of 8-megapixel with True tone Flash. There exists one important difference between the two phones and which is that iPhone 6 plus contains inbuilt “optical image stabilization”. This feature is important as it regulates the lens to absorb the tremble of shaking hands. Also, this feature cannot be seen in iPhone 6 which only posses digital image stabilization.

iPhone 6 is packed with the boost of technology with features like 64 bit apple A8 Processor, Improved battery, 1 GB RAM and up to 128 GB internal storage. Now games can be played smoothly on the latest version of iPhone6.

Of course, it is bigger than its previous versions and bigger is always seems to be better. It gives a royal look to overall design of the phone. What is more commendable is the reduced thickness of the phone. iPhone 6 variants are impressively thin yet very big. But the weight can create an issue as both the variants are hefty. Basically the iPhone 6 has come with revamped design and style.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

iOS 8 Enhancements To Boost Up Your Productivity!

Apple has once again provided an upgrade to iOS users with the latest version iOS 8. A quick view on the new features of this most welcome mobile OS that is set to make its entry into the market by this fall is listed below.

·       Health
Similar to Passbook , this is an app that creates a dashboard integrating information from all your health apps.

·       Homekit
Home kit acts as a key to home automation. It provides you with a standard common protocol that enables control of external devices in your home.

·       Extensibility
iOS 8 provides you with the flexibility of sharing functionality between various apps thus providing you an extensible app environment.

·       Family Sharing
With family sharing, you can share your iStore and iTunes purchases with upto 6 registered members of family or friends.

·       Photos
iOS 8 has an improved and enhanced cloud storage model that enables quick and efficient sharing of photos with your family and friends with a single click.

·       iMessage
Now avail the user experience of using a high end instant messaging system like whatsapp with iOS 8’s inbuilt iMessage. iMessage can prove to be a good competitor to chatting services.

·       Interactive Notifications
iOS 8 is all about ease of use and now you can respond to messages directly from the notification banner itself.

·       QuickType
Quick Type helps you type your messages and search terms with its highly advanced predictive Text that learns from the actual usage scenarios rather than auto correct which could at times be annoying

·       iCloud
iCloud is a highly reliable and robust cloud storage model that gives you instant access to your dropbox and Google drive.

·       Synchronize
iOS 8 promises a greater connectivity with Apple devices (iPhones, iPads and Mac) with its easy to use sync facilities with an added functionality of Yoshemite.

·       Spotlight
Spotlight is a powerful search tool that incorporates your location and context into its algorithm to provide you with the most relevant search results.

·       Enhanced SDK
The biggest and most awaited release in iOS 8 package could be the enhanced SDK facilities that Apple provides for developers to develop iOS apps. A lot of new stuff provided has to be explored in detail to take in the complete impact of this feature.

·       Enterprise features
Several enhancements have been made to security and productivity in the newest release from the storehouse of Apple Inc.